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Boost your immune system. If you need to strengthen your immune system, ALL NATURAL Viusid works WITH your body to build up immunity and help you fight disease!


Immune System Boost against
AIDS, Alzheimers, Pneumonia, Tuburculosis, Cancer, Depression & More!

A food supplement to help build the immune system

Boost Your Immune System!

Viusid is for everyone - from the athletic person to the someone who catches every cold going around.

You simply take the sachet (powder) mix it with any drink you may desire. It's that simple no secondary reactions, this product is all natural. Can be taken with other medicines.

VIUSID is a nutritional preparation specially designed for the increase of the immunological defences in all those processes that cause immunodeficiency.

The activation of the components of VIUSID increases to a great extent the power of the biological function of all of them, without modifying or changing the molecular structure.

All the compounds that make up the VIUSID formulation are present in the human organism in a natural way, and for this reason, there have not been detected either side effects or any toxicity after the use of the product.

The antioxidant substances of this preparation eliminate the negative effects of the free radicals that appear in all the infectious processes. Hence the high effectiveness of VIUSID.

On the other hand, the deficiencies of certain vitamins have been related to anemic processes. VIUSID provides the vitaminic elements necessary to avoid these deficiencies and their consequences.

Moreover, the essential amino acids contained in VIUSID make possible the nutritional development appropriate for the increase of the immunological defences.

VIUSID is is available in flasks of 100 ml or 3.38 fl. oz. and sachets of 16 oz. The recommended dosage is one flask (or 3 sachets) daily for adults and half a flask (or 2 sachets) daily for children, taken in several doses during the day. The time of consumption can be prolonged according to the cases, since no contraindications have been detected.

Dietary supplement made out of honey designed for special diets

  • it can help regenerate new cells
  • aids the development of your central nervous system
  • will convert fat and sugars into energy
  • will help reduce infections
  • will help build your immune system
  • will help with gastric hyperactivity
  • reduces levels of blood in the urine
  • will help your system absorb iron (necessary for the formation of collagen)
  • helps with the prevention of many viral and bacterial infections
  • forms and regenerates red corpuscles
  • increases the appetite and the energy
  • keeps the nervous system healthy
  • helps with the appropriate use of fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • helps with insulin formation
  • acts as an analgesic
  • helps with the metabolism of proteins
  • helps with the prevention of many viral and bacterial infections.
  • will help prevents the appearance of buccal ulcers.
  • increases the appetite of weakened persons.
  • will speed up healing of wounds

Nutritional Facts and Energetic Value (per 100 ml)


Energetic Value
302.6 Kcal (1283.8 Kjul)
Proteins - 52.7 g
Carbohydrates - 18.9 g
Fats - 1.8 g


Antivirals:Glucosamine, Malic Acid , Glycyrrhizinic Acid.

Minerals:Hydrated Zinc Sulphate.

Amino Acids: Arginine, Glycine.

Vitamins: Vitamin C, Calcium Pantotenate, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12.

Excipients: Honey, Lemon, Mint, Sunett and Sodium Metylparaben

Recommended use

VIUSID should be taken after meals, dissolved or diluted in drinking water, fruit juice or milk.

Adult Dosage

1 (one) sachet of VIUSID twice daily.

Children over 6 years of age - 1 (one) sachet of VIUSID every twelve hours.


Combine Viusid with the following products to aid in Alzheimer & Cancer Therapies:

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21 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $30.00 (US)
90 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $110 (US)
Syrup 100 ml - $20.00 (US)

21 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $30.00 (US)
90 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $110 (US)
Syrup 100 ml - $20.00 (US)

VIUSID 90 Sachets + ALZER 90 Cap. - $180 (US)
Treatment for Alzheimers

Purchase Viusid & Oncoxin Together - $200.00(US)
Treatment for Cancer

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