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Viusid & Alzer

A NATURAL Alzheimer Therapy

***The following products are meant to work WITH your current Alzheimer's treatment. These products have been tested to BOOST Memory and the effectiveness of current Alzheimer's Treatments. Try them and see for yourself!***


If you or someone you love suffers from Alzheimers, you know that you need help now! This treatment is not sold in stores and is not available through prescription. It is ALL NATURAL and guaranteed to work on Alzheimer Symptoms.

The combination of Viusid & Alzer work both to increase memory and blood flow, while also working to strengthen the immune system, so Alzheimer's symptoms DO NOT WORSEN.

This product is guaranteed and has achieved amazing results.

100% Natural!

Carnitine, Lipoic Acid, Dry extract of Lettuce, Sodium Methylparaben and Guar Gum.

Viusid & Alzer - Treatment for Alzheimer's

VIUSID® & ALZER® are complementary food products without counter-indications or side effects.

Two Complimentary products in Alzheimer Therapy

12 million people in the world are affected by Alzheimer's disease. 400,000 patients in the United Kingdom and ten times more in the United States.

Combining the memory boosters of ALZER with the Antiviral agents of VIUSID have shown to be an effective combination in the treatment of Alzheimers.

About AlZER:

ALZER® is a food supplement formulated with specific ANTIOXIDANTS and VITAMINS to strengthen the organic processes related to the central nervous system.

In the New York Institute for Medical Research the effects of EGB761have been evaluated. This is a standardised extract from Ginkgo Biloba, which has been studied so as to improve and motivate the nervous transmission mechanism, demonstrating that the anti-reactive metabolites of oxygen (anti-oxidants), stimulate the signs of electric activity, catalysed by Germanium, for the treatment of ALZHEIMER.

• Acetil-L-Carnitine reduces the age-related damage in the mitochondrial function.

• The reactive metabolites of oxygen damage and accelerate the ageing process; however, the compound anti-oxidants produce beneficial effects in ALZHEIMER patients.

• The dry extract of lettuce, incorporated in ALZER®, is appropriate, amongst many other qualities, for relaxing the nervous system, and avoiding nervous excitation in the brain of these patients.


VIUSID is a nutritional preparation specially designed for the increase of the immunological defences in all those processes that cause immunodeficiency.

The activation of the components of VIUSID increases to a great extent the power of the biological function of all of them, without modifying or changing the molecular structure.

All the compounds that make up the VIUSID formulation are present in the human organism in a natural way, and for this reason, there have not been detected either side effects or any toxicity after the use of the product.

The antioxidant substances of this preparation eliminate the negative effects of the free radicals that appear in all the infectious processes. Hence the high effectiveness of VIUSID.

On the other hand, the deficiencies of certain vitamins have been related to anemic processes. VIUSID provides the vitaminic elements necessary to avoid these deficiencies and their consequences.

Moreover, the essential amino acids contained in VIUSID make possible the nutritional development appropriate for the increase of the immunological defenses.


Alzer + Viusid: 90 Capsules & 90 Sachets - $200.00

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Alzer + Viusid: 90 Capsules & 90 Sachets - $200.00

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Alzer: 90 Capsules - $90.00

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21 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $30.00 (US)
90 Sachets (0.16 oz) - $110 (US)
Syrup 100 ml - $20.00 (US)

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